Meats, Sweets & Treats

Foodie Television Docuseries  •  7 episodes  •  30-minutes

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Meats, Sweets & Treats is all about using CBD in cooking for your health

Join in the fun! In our first season in the sunny scenery and pretty panoramas of Southern California, stars Louis Mandylor and Chef Rya Frazier take you on a healthy cooking adventure!

Our 7 episode, 30-minute journey dazzles, entertains and educates on the best methods of how to use essential oils, CBD, hemp, and extracted product integration to make your own gourmet infused edibles for a variety of your favorite meals, sweets and desserts — taught to you by our top line culinary specialists.

In their best chef whites and aprons, our knowledgeable experts cook for our tasters alike to deliver delicious delectables, funny stories, special surprises and guests.

Each episode, we prepare one recipe for a full gourmet meal of "Meats" with a complimentary "Sweet" and "Treat" as the icing on the cake (so to speak), demonstrating everything to make the recipes at home yourself and offer tips, tricks, gift ideas and serving suggestions for your next meal plan, dinner party or gathering.

Depending on the diet at hand, we help identify organic, non-GMO ingredients and meal plans by incorporating the healthful benefits of Paleo, Sans Dairy, Vegan and other regimens.

After each episode airs, our scrumptious recipes posted on our website are simple, easy to follow, and with delicious, mouth-watering results.

Our kitchen is hosted at a host site or a restaurant that delivers the results to surprised tasters.

The first episode features a little background on the hosts' "story" and their expertise that brought them here, along with the families needing help medicating.

During the first season, we feature different Patient families:

  • A sexy online influencer and female fitness trainer of a boxing gym seeks better muscle recovery.
  • A handsome college soccer player and rising model looks to treat anxiety through school exams and recovery in physical training.
  • A beautiful working vegan actress in quarantine in NYC discovers job distress remedies.
  • A young aspiring dancer who also does day care with special needs children strives for new methods in her life.
  • A single waitress with stress-related skin issues, her elderly mom and a son with an almost fatal run-in with Crohn's disease get help in the pandemic.
  • An engineer of a big brand innovation for travel and a veteran from Afghanistan learn a CBD regimen for pain management for themselves and their dogs.
  • A young breast cancer patient looking for a way to medicate after chemo to get rid of nausea in order to eat.
  • DJ Chelsea Leyland and her sister suffered from severe seizures, they now teach a mom how to treat her child for the same disorder.
  • A variety of musical artists looking for solutions (and how to cook tips).

Meats, Sweets & Treats hosts: Louis Mandylor and Chef Rya Frazier

Welcome to the party! We're really excited and here's why...

Learn about our hosts and their expertise.

Louis Mandylor — is an Australian film and television actor best recognized as Nick Portokalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and its sequel with the same name, more recently The Debt Collector, Battle Drone, as well as television series Three Knee Deep, NCIS, CSI Miami, Charmed, Friends, Relic Hunter, Martial Law, and Sinners and Saints. He owned dispensaries, is an expert in extraction chemistry and sugary confections, contributing and educating about CDB facts. We chose Louis for his vibrant personality and CBD knowledge.

Chef Rya Frazier — is a seasoned culinarian from Le Cordon Bleu specializing in eclectic fusions that excite any palette. Master chef and chief of edible creativity, Rya is known for layering meals that eaters eagerly experience. From D.C. to Los Angeles, Rya worked in top kitchens and perfected blends of consumables that have landed her premier roles in elite organizations, including the Ritz Carlton and the Intercontinental. Rya has established a substantial following of hungry viewers who anticipate her live-streamed meal preparation and planning demonstrations as well as her relaxed, inviting personality.

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A beautiful and tasty presentation, nicely plated for all to see! And the best part is, it's good for you!

Be entertained, laugh, learn the recipes, and discover new products, with lots of oohs and aahhs by our tasters who sample and devour the yummy meal!

CBD Infused Shrimp and Broccoli Angel Hair Alfredo Pasta

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Executive Producer and Creator: Dawn Robinson

Producers: Dave Pederson, Max Woertendyke

Directors: Sean Claffey, Brendan Russo

Production Companies: Dark Moon Entertainment

Audience: Soccer Moms and Suzy FitStyle, Gen X and Millennials, patients and recreational consumers alike

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